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Adding Services to Your Automotive Franchise: Window tinting

By Terrance Straker

Car detailing, which requires a much lower investment than some other automotive services, is a fast-growing segment of the aftermarket sector, and one that can be a great addition to an automotive service franchise. Material costs for car window tinting products, for example, can be as low as 20 per cent of the eventual retail price.

The key to success in this area, given the competition, is maintaining consistently high quality. This is not as hard as it may sound. Today’s window tinting products have been greatly improved and their suppliers usually offer all of the necessary training and guidance.

When handling this tinting for your customers who seek to block glare and ultraviolet (UV) rays, you can also offer them vehicle identification number (VIN) window etching. This feature, supported by law enforcement and the insurance industry, is undertaken to help deter any would-be car thieves, who would then need to replace all of the vehicle’s windows to remove the identification. It also means stolen vehicles are easier to identify if their interior VINs are removed or altered. The kits to provide this service are relatively inexpensive and the skills needed are minimal.

Once you have established an automotive tinting service, you can also consider offering it to homeowners in the area. The process for tinting residential windows is very similar, after all, and provides ample opportunity—given the larger and more numerous windows on a house—to earn more revenue from each job.

You can even move into commercial tinting next. With energy costs on the rise, many building managers are prospects for this service, as tinted windows can reduce the need for heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.

In addition straightforward tinting, you can offer decorative films, which are applied to commercial window glazing to create a frosted or translucent esthetic. The possibilities are nearly endless, as lobbies, boardrooms, entranceways and conference rooms can be not only shielded from the elements, but also given a more attractive appearance.

So, with the same tinting skills and virtually the same product, you can easily serve three distinct markets: automotive, residential and commercial. This means one investment creates three new profit centres.

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