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Ask the Experts: Do I need experience with kids to run a children’s franchise?

By David Tsai

Q Do I need to have experience dealing with kids to own a children’s services franchise? What options do I have in this sector?

David says:
Children’s services franchises do tend to attract passionate individuals who truly enjoy working with children. While liking children is an essential characteristic for a children’s services franchisee, given the nature of the business, personal experience working with children is not necessary for running a successful franchise. You should, however, have solid business experience, either in sales and marketing, operations or management.

Children’s services franchises include many different types of business models including tutoring/education, sports/physical development, child care and niche services such as photography and event hosting. Depending on the specific business model you choose, these franchises offer flexible working hours, an opportunity to be involved in the local community and rewarding interactive experiences.

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