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Panago Pizza: A fresh franchise concept

Panago Pizza is a national brand that’s proud to offer something for everyone. With more than 30 years of pizza innovation and a modern design for its store locations, Panago delivers a unique pizza experience that reflects consumer preferences. The company’s results-driven recipe of food quality and store experience meets current market demands and drives sales.

Panago offers more than 35 pizza recipes and an exceptional variety of fresh, high-quality toppings, including ham, Italian sausage, pepperoni and salami made from pork raised without the use of antibiotics and 100 per cent organic Italian tomato sauce, because the company believes better pizza starts with better ingredients.

Panago is also fully committed to extensive training and education for franchisees and their staff about products, procedures and store management. All franchisees continue to receive ample support from Panago even after opening, to ensure ongoing business success.

A Panago franchise delivers. The franchise system has more than 190 stores and $160 million in annual sales. The average store sees annual sales of more than $880,000—and one in five stores has annual sales exceeding $1 million.

Incentive rebates and a reduced fees program are now available in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Ottawa.

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