Turning up the heat with Edo Japan

By Steven Ng As the child of two restaurant franchisees, I was already well-versed in the industry when I purchased my first Edo Japan franchise in 2005. Fourteen years later, I own five locations across Calgary with dreams of opening many more in the future.
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Massage Addict in 2018: Assessing success

It was a banner year for Massage Addict’s growth and success in 2018, as the franchise continued to strengthen its brand across Canada, introduced new services, and helped drive increased revenue for clinics across the country.
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Navigating joint employer issues

By Peter Snell In Canada, the discussion of the separation of a franchisor from its franchisees’ local employment decisions has surfaced in a number of recent cases. Among these, some cases have questioned which of the two entities should share legal liability with regard to any human rights complaints, wrongful dismissals, union claims and/or  relevant employment standards issues.
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