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Going the extra mile with Budget Brake & Muffler Auto Centres

Photos courtesy Budget Brake & Muffler Centres

By Peter Saunders
Mike Godfrey is a heavy-duty mechanic who recently became the newest member of the team with Budget Brake & Muffler Auto Centres, British Columbia’s largest network of automotive service franchises. He explains he is excited to bring the brand to the growing community of Prince George, where he lives with his family, and for the opportunity to provide a full list of services.

“Pretty much anything you can think of between the front and rear bumper,” he says, “we’re here to take care of it!”

A go-to guy
“I’ve been working on vehicles since I was a kid with my dad. I still remember the first time he asked me to come out and help him bleed his brakes in our carport. I was probably eight years old.

Ever since then, that’s something I’ve been interested in. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed building cars and 4x4s. All through high school, I was always the guy my friends would come to when they needed help fixing their cars. Changing transmissions, engines, you name it, I was always doing it.

So, getting into heavy-duty mechanics was a natural fit for me, because I loved working on cars and I didn’t want to lose that sense of enjoyment. I began my career 12 years ago and got more into working on equipment. Now I’m excited to be getting back into cars again.

Prince George has been the most welcoming place I’ve ever lived, with the friendliest people. We just fit in right from day one. I don’t know if that’s a testament to Northern British Columbia or to the sense of community we have up here.”

The lay of the land
“When I’m not working on cars, I really enjoy spending time with my wife and our three kids. I like going into the back country for fishing, hunting and camping, just being outdoors. One of the advantages of being in Prince George is we can have that lifestyle.

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My goal is to provide honest, excellent service to this community. As a husband and father, I have a love for the community and the environment of Prince George. Maybe it’s because we get seven months of winter, I don’t know, but we’re always there to help our neighbours and they’re always there to help us out. I wouldn’t ever want to leave here.

Also, as an avid outdoorsman, I have a deep understanding of the challenges Prince George’s climate and rugged geography pose for vehicles. Between summer and winter, we’re in the area of 75 degrees of temperature change.

The roads are horrible in the winter. You get six inches of hard-packed ice that’s all potholed to heck and it takes a toll on your suspension and braking systems. Your whole vehicle gets punished!”

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