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Massage Addict in 2018: Assessing success

It was a banner year for Massage Addict’s growth and success in 2018, as the franchise continued to strengthen its brand across Canada, introduced new services, and helped drive increased revenue for clinics across the country.

Massage Addict’s certified reflexologists (CRs) and registered massage therapists (RMTs) helped reduce pain and relieve stress for customers by providing more than 700,000 therapeutic treatments in 2018. The following are some of the company’s more notable achievements in the past year:

Ten years and counting

Last November, Massage Addict marked the 10th anniversary of its first clinic opening in 2008, celebrating with week-long events at its clinics across Canada. As part of this celebration, clients entered an online draw for the chance to win a trip for two to Mexico. Alice J., of Richmond Hill, Ont., was the winner of this prize and she took her family to Grand Bahia Principe Coba in Mexico in December.

Quebec debut

This year featured Massage Addict’s foray into La Belle Province, with the opening of its first two clinics in Quebec: the first in March in Ville Mont-Royal, and the second clinic in July in Brossard. The company is excited about expanding its Quebec presence even further in the future.

Reflexology’s big entrance

Massage Addict’s CRs provided more than 21,000 reflexology treatments at its clinics across the country in its first year of delivering this new service. Reflexology targets pressure points on ears, feet, or hands—bringing all-over therapeutic effects. Members can now receive a massage or reflexology treatment as part of their membership—complete with special member pricing.

Elevating the brand

Massage Addict eliminated its ‘introductory price’ which was, historically, significantly lower than the standard market price. By eliminating the low introductory rate, the company has elevated its brand to a level its treatments merit—making it on par with the high-quality treatments its RMTs and CRs provide.

New ways to join

For members who are unable to commit for a year, Massage Addict has introduced a new six-month membership in addition to the 12-month plan. Clients can now choose their preferred membership plan based on their lifestyle and their health and wellness goals.

Still on top

Massage Addict is one of the largest, fastest-growing massage therapy providers in Canada, opening 12 new locations in 2018—bringing the total to 89 at year’s end. Its 90th location will open in the first quarter of this year, with plans to bring this number to more than 100 clinics by the end of 2019.

More to come

As the franchise increases the number of clinics, Massage Addict is also expanding the list of high-quality therapeutic treatments it provides across Canada to further diversify the multi-disciplinary wellness treatments it offers. Stay tuned as more will be introduced this year.

Massage Addict is Canadian-owned and operated. With more than 85 clinics across the country and over 1200 therapists, Massage Addict provides upwards of 65,000 treatments each month to manage pain, stress, anxiety, injury, muscle tension, and much more. Since opening the first clinic in 2008, Massage Addict has been helping clients improve their health through high-quality massage therapy that is affordable and convenient.

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