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Hiring? Post jobs on Swob today!

Employers and franchisees in Ontario looking to hire for part-time or full-time roles, can now find the best candidates, quickly and easily with Swob.

Swob co-founders Alexander and Stephanie Florio, a brother-sister team, developed Swob for employers in high turnover industries, such as retail and food services. Swob is created to simplify the recruiting process, by providing access to a database of job seekers and by making the hiring process easy and convenient.

“Swob is designed to make job searching easy and recruitment even easier. Employers will now be able to securely filter through the best possible candidates, safely and efficiently,” says Alexander Florio, co-founder of Swob.

Are you an employer looking to hire? If so, visit our website and get 2 FREE job posts so you can try Swob and experience the benefits. Signing up is quick and easy!

Click on the link to get started: www.swobapp.com.

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