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PropertyGuys.com–The future of real estate

The real estate industry is broken and PropertyGuys.Com Is here to fix it.  We believe that today’s real estate industry is stuck in the past. While almost every other industry has been radically disrupted to become more consumer friendly, transparent, and efficient, the majority of homes are bought and sold in the same way that they were 100 years ago.

But not anymore.

PropertyGuys.com is here to bring the real estate industry into the future. By empowering homeowners to sell their homes on their own and allowing them to stay in control, while saving thousands of dollars in real estate commission, delivers a far superior experience for the homeowner. This is why PropertyGuys.com has continued to grow for more than 24 years, and with more than 100 locations open, is now the largest private home sale network in North America.

As a business opportunity, PropertyGuys.com stands out. With low costs of ownership, pandemic and recession-proof proven business model designed for profitability and growth, and the full support of the same visionary leadership that built this brand from the ground up, PropertyGuys.com is your opportunity to change the way real estate works in your community. The time to invest in PropertyGuys.com is now.


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