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Resiliency and growth during a pandemic

If you’re someone who has wondered if COBS Bread was impacted by the wave of in-home baking that took over social media last spring, we’re here to share with you: not at all. Since the beginning of the pandemic last March, COBS Bread year-over-year sales are up over 17 percent, and this doesn’t even include eight of the new bakeries that opened since that time. With more people cooking meals at home, new and loyal customers alike are enjoying the freshly baked high-quality bread and treats that COBS Bread offers for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacking, and more.

Prospective entrepreneurs have also taken note of COBS Bread’s success. COBS Bread is experiencing its higher than ever interest in the brand,  and COBS Bread franchisees are experiencing higher than ever operating profits. The bakery franchise is actively expanding and looking for like-minded franchisees who share a passion for service, quality, community and freshly baked bread. Learn more about COBS Bread plans to expand and the process involved in becoming an owner of the favourite community bakery at cobsbread.com/franchising.

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