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Delivering the goods with Pizza Pizza

By Rajinder Minhas I’ve been a multi-unit Pizza Pizza franchisee in Brampton, Ont., for many years now. The brand has stayed fresh because it changes with the market. What at first was only a pizza business has added something new every year, from fries and onion rings to sandwiches and...
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Changing gears with Meineke

By Shane Vine When I bought my Meineke Car Care franchise in Oshawa, Ont., it specialized in quick oil changes. I brought my years of experience in the automotive industry—and my love of hockey—to the table and began a process of change, finding new and creative ways to reach out...
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Meet the Maacover man, Jose R. Costa

By Peter Saunders Jose R. Costa joined Maaco Collision Repair and Auto Repainting—part of automotive aftermarket services franchisor Driven Brands—as president in 2013, having previously served as vice-president (VP) of Burger King and in various marketing positions for Yum! Brands, the franchisor for Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell.
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Getting a slice of the action at Pizza Pizza

By Ray Ramalho I have vague memories of my early years in Guyana. Born at the height of the Second World War, though, I remember food being scarce, particularly flour. Fast forward to the mid-1980s and flour is in abundance at the Pizza Pizza store in Brampton, Ont., my family...
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Brothers go into business together for Maaco

By Nick, Walter and Carmen Mirante As teenagers, we were always enthusiastic about buying, selling and working on cars, so it only made sense that when we went into business together as adults, we would buy a Maaco franchise here in Edmonton. Having changed locations once, we’re now so busy...
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Meineke Car Care Centre the right fit

By Ross Coates As a multiple-unit franchisee for Meineke Car Care Centre, I’ve benefited from Newfoundland’s fast-growing economy. It’s a great market to be in and is always keeping us busy. Being part of a franchise system, I have strong support to help keep up with constant changes in the...
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