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Ask the Experts: Support from your franchisor

By Sebastian Fuschini Q: What types of initial and ongoing support from a franchisor are the most important to a first-time franchisee? A: Starting up a business can be daunting. For a first-time franchisee, especially, support from the franchisor is key. A good franchisor will offer support in many...
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Technological insights for restaurants

By Merilee A. Kern When technologist Kevin Ashton coined the term ‘Internet of Things’ back in 1999, referring to a computer network that would connect the everyday objects around us, the concept seemed fantastical. Less than 20 years later, however, the concept is poised to dominate our society.
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Ask the Experts: Leading your employees

By Piyush Patel Q: What tips do you have for franchisees to hire the right employees? A: In the traditional business world, hiring the right employee has centred only on finding someone with a certain set of skills. While this focus can help fill short-term needs, in some cases it...
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