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Considerations before going multi-unit

By Blake Mitchell Navigating the competitive business landscape as a franchisee requires significant dedication, time, planning and hard work. Once they are established as single-unit franchisees, many individuals consider growing their business to multiple locations and, thus, operating as multi-unit franchisees.
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Master franchising in a new market

By Olivier Bouvier-Johnston Master franchising is the structure of choice for most international expansions of franchise systems. It provides an opportunity for a brand to grow quickly in a new territory, as it is an adaptation and replica of an already viable system.
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Ask the Experts: Negotiating your franchise agreement

By Eldonna Lewis Fernandez Q: What kind of a negotiator does a prospective franchisee need to be when discussing the franchise agreement with the franchisor? Eldonna says: Anyone preparing to negotiate a franchise agreement—or any other contract—should first figure out his/her style of communication.
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