A gold standard for window cleaning at Aurum

Michael Morozov is founder and CEO of Aurum, headquartered in Vaughan, Ont., with 250 employees and more than 25,000 clients across North America, which it serves through more than 18 corporate locations.
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M&M Food Market: Reinvention through innovation

Starting in 2014, the M&M brand began to transform based on a promise of “Helping Make Real Food for Real Life.” This change included new full-colour packaging design, a redesigned contemporary store concept, and more.
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M&M Food Market rebrands and revamps

For more than 37 years, M&M has helped Canadians put delicious meals on the table by offering consumers easy-to-prepare, top-quality foods and personalized customer service. The brand has become Canada’s leading retailer of frozen foods, offering more than 400 items in over 340 locations across the country.
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