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Ask the Experts: Leadership within a franchise

Q: What are the best leadership traits for franchisees, given they need to manage staff within a pre-existing business system?

Vivian says:
The most important are trust, flexibility and open communication. Franchisees need to take full responsibility for the business and the team, understanding which role everyone will play in building their franchise’s success.

When an existing franchise is sold to a new owner, staff may feel threatened by the change. The onus will be on the new franchisee to get to know the employees, understand what is working well and build trust before making any significant changes. It is very important to remain positive when setting a new tone and to keep employees actively engaged in improving the business on a continual basis.

VivianVivian M. Ciampi is a principal at Professional Coaching and a facilitator and coach in the executive education department at Harvard Business School. For more information, contact her via e-mail at vmciampi@coachingtheprofessional.com.

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