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Edmonton couple finds success with Massage Addict

What worked well for our first clinic will also work for our second and third. As I step back from my day job, I’ll increase my RMT recruiting efforts, put additional time into managing payroll and help out more within the clinics than I’ve been able to in the past.

When we built out our first clinic, we felt like we were on our own. With the new franchisor, we get much more support. During the building of our second and third clinics, for example, we have weekly calls where we go over our progress. We also get monthly reports.

Our second clinic will also be next to a fitness club and our third will also be near a movie theatre. We’ve done a lot of research into where our competitors are and aren’t located and the corporate team helps with that work, too.

Massage Addict has matched up well with what we both want to do in life. We’re certainly surpassing our expectations.

Masa and Renan Escamilla are Massage Addict co-franchisees in Edmonton. For 
more information, visit www.massageaddict.ca/


Date of first franchise: 2009
Franchise/corporate units: 63
Investment range: $125,000 – $225,000
Initial franchisee fee: $39,000
Website: www.massageaddict.ca
E-mail: info@massageaddict.ca

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