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How a PropertyGuys.com sign led to franchise success

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Which brings us back to Richard Branson. When a good opportunity arises and you’ve got a gut feeling, go for it and you’ll figure it out later. That’s not to say there are no challenges. One of the things I appreciate about PropertyGuys.com is we were never given the sense that we would become millionaires overnight. Get-rich-quick schemes never deliver. PropertyGuys.com is a great franchise to be a part of because they genuinely want you to do well. There’s nothing worse for a franchise system than a franchisee not succeeding. Since we’ve joined, franchisees in our area and across the country have been helpful. They genuinely want for their own selfish reasons that you do well because it supports the brand and their businesses. The bigger we become side by side, the more we help each other. I find this is especially true in the GTA—people live in Georgetown, but work in Mississauga, for instance, or live in Guelph, but work in Toronto. All the branding we do with each other helps us all because people live and commute through different parts of the area.

PropertyGuysOriginal2_LRSo what’s next for us? I have to admit I’ve had my sights set on opening two franchises from day one: Georgetown-Milton and Orangeville, which is just north of where I live. We’ll definitely expand if things continue the way there are now with our success in Georgetown-Milton. It’s not unusual for a franchisee to own more than one store.

Every market has its own characteristics, whether they are pros or cons. Orangeville is different from the market in which we currently operate. The homes are less expensive, but that makes PropertyGuys.com more attractive to thrifty buyers who want to spend less on fees. Whether you’re poor or rich, everyone wants to save themselves money when they can. I’ve never met a Canadian who says they enjoy spending more money than they have to.

The method of buying or selling a home is evolving. As much as real estate agents would argue concepts like PropertyGuys.com are a fad, it is clear real estate is headed in a new direction and we’re excited to be part of it. Every real estate market is different, but they can all be ripe for the PropertyGuys.com formula.

Drago Alilovic is owner of PropertyGuys.com Georgetown-Milton in Ontario. He can be reached via e-mail at dalilovic@propertyguys.com.



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