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Just Beginning: Froshberg Gelato

crop1By Peter Saunders
On the heels of quick growth for Crepe Delicious, a shopping mall-based specialty food-service franchise launched in 2004, Froshberg Gelato has now been added to create a dual-concept business. By introducing premium gelato and sorbet items alongside the sweet and savoury crepes, the goal is to increase sales at any given location without needing extra staff or much additional infrastructure.

“We’d been thinking of this idea for two years, coming up with the concept and marketing,” explains Oded Yefet, founder of both brands. “The name ‘Froshberg’ combines ‘fresh,’ ‘frozen’ and ‘iceberg.’ Gelato is healthier than ice cream, goes well with our crepes and brings in new customers, but we’re not adding it in all locations. It has to be a good package, which depends on a franchise’s size, rent and specific space within a mall.”

The first three Froshberg Gelato locations had opened at press time, with plans for four more by September.

“We opened in December 2010 with both concepts at once,” says Jasmine McManaman, one of the first franchisees, in Coquitlam, B.C. “I’m a huge gelato fan, I loved the idea and I had enough space for it.”

The business model seems to be working so far, as sales at McManaman’s location have generally been evenly split between the two menus.

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  1. I would be very interested in some info on your franchise opportunity. I live in the Moncton N.B. area. There is 1 location in Champlain Place, Dieppe. I would be interested in the Mapleton Rd area of Moncton, if that could work.
    With thanks,
    Myrtle Rogers

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