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Is Cold Calling Dead?

By Nicole Attias

Whether one owns a chain of restaurants or operates a multi-level marketing business, picking up the phone is crucial to the company’s success. This age-old sales method is powerful. Simply talking to people is appreciated. With social media platforms and various online marketing channels available, professionals are becoming more detached—and this is not good. Including a personal touch is effective, if done properly.

Leaving clear, concise voice messages will yield next steps and the answers the owner is seeking. Perhaps the franchisee wants to connect with an important decision-maker, or close a deal. How one speaks and what the person says matters. It is amazing how many professionals lack basic etiquette. Most are afraid of being rejected and do not view using the phone as enjoyable. It is best to keep the company’s pitch no more than a few lines. Or simply inquire more about the prospect on the phone by asking questions. Proprietors should be themselves during phone conversations.

Know the brand’s message

Once the deal is signed, maintain a good relationship with the client. It takes time to build one and only a few minutes of neglect to destroy it.
Once the deal is signed, maintain a good relationship with the client. It takes time to build one and only a few minutes of neglect to destroy it.

The first rule in selling ideas is knowing the brand’s message and doing research. What does the company want to convey? Who does the franchise want to meet and how will it leave a lasting impression on the consumer? Select key points to delve in further.

Find the individual online or on social media platforms such as LinkedIn. When connecting with the person of interest, mention their accomplishments or knowledge in a specific area. Showing interest builds instant rapport. People love to talk about themselves. Customizing a message before making a call is a great strategy. Speaking to the right decision-maker and knowing how to approach them will yield faster results. The goal should always be to secure a meeting with the contact.

Building rapport

The key in making phone calls is to turn a cold conversation into a warm one. This takes time and usually does not happen on the first engagement. Again, by facing the fear of rejection, the franchisee will go a long way. So how does one build rapport, other than pointing out the lead’s accomplishments? Follow their timing. When owners ask to meet with clients to discuss the benefits of their business, be persistent over time—especially not during the first conversation. If the client says, “This is not a good time, can you call me in a few months,” reconnect in the stated time period. Persistence, without question, will pay off.

Hear “No”

Most people will avoid cold calling because of negative responses. Remember, any feedback is better than none. The more “Nos” one hears, the closer they are to yes. The amount of calls made per day, week, or month should be tracked. Being organized and detailed this way will yield results. Proprietors should combine patience and persistence to their craft.

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