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Is Cold Calling Dead?

Match and mirror their voice messages

Keeping customers happy is no different than keeping staff members happy.
Keeping customers happy is no different than keeping staff members happy.

Some professionals argue that leaving a voice message is a waste of time and advise against it. If a lead speaks slow and sounds casual, the owner should do the same when leaving a message. If another person is specific and wants the date, time, and reason for the call, provide all the details. Follow their lead, and always ask for the appointment. The same can be said when the meeting takes place. Match and mirror their body language. This is another great rapport building technique for closing the business. Voice projection and body language are often underestimated, yet their influence is sometimes much stronger than the spoken word.

Maintain contact

Once the deal is signed, maintain a good relationship with the client. It takes time to build one and only a few minutes of neglect to destroy it. Keeping customers happy is no different than keeping staff members happy. Therefore, regular maintenance is required to ensure everything operates effectively. Professionals speak and interact differently when they are cared for. If this care is missing, the lack of commitment and enthusiasm will show in everyday dealings. Consequently, this could build a bad name/reputation for a franchise. The last thing one wants to do is lose customers because they feel undervalued.

Closing thoughts

Professionals in all businesses are often given a bad name for being too pushy, self-centred, or even money hungry. Because of this, cold calling is seen as something of the past. Yet, this method is not dead. It is one of the most effective ways to get in the door to meet new prospects and close new business. This method is not for the weak at heart. Understanding that playing the numbers game involves rejection and frustration will allow companies to equip themselves to yield results. Combining online research, social media platforms with the cold call, uses old and new methods. Send an e-mail, make a call, and ask to connect online. But, the calling cannot be negated.

Nicole Attias is a sales representative with Colliers and has extensive business development experience, be it cold calling or networking in the industry. Her skills include article and business writing, delivering presentations, and public relations. Attias is also an entrepreneur who has worked in different industries prior to real estate including: recruiting and corporate training and helping companies grow their client base. She has a bachelor of arts (BA) (honours) in psychology from York University, a Leadership Certificate from Seneca College, and has participated in Toastmasters International for public speaking training.

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