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Meet the Franchisor: Laser Clinics Canada

Laser Clinics Canada has a passion for creating the best customer experience.
Laser Clinics Canada has a passion for creating the best customer experience.

Originating in Australia in 2008, Laser Clinics Canada is part of a global business, Laser Clinics Group, which has since expanded to the U.K., New Zealand, Singapore, and now Canada. Jenna Caira, head of franchise recruitment at Laser Clinics Canada (LCC), believes part of the company’s rapid growth is due to its successful and unique 50/50 ownership business model. LCC and its franchise co-owners equally share the investment, expenses, and the success of the business. Each new clinic comes fully furnished and complete with industry-leading equipment, retail and professional stock, and an IT set-up.

Canadian Business Franchise (CBF): How did you get into franchising?

Jenna Caira (JC): At LCC, our leadership and support team combined has more than 50 years of experience in the franchising industry. Each member has a passion for serving others and ensuring we create the best environments for our customers. Franchising our business gives our co-owners the space to become community leaders, as they grow to understand the needs and wants of their neighbourhoods. We want to continue being global leaders in the advanced beauty and medical esthetics industry while having a strong impact in the community.

CBF: What do you feel is the specific appeal of Laser Clinics Canada?

JC: LCC welcomes every franchise co-owner as part of our family. Our growing business is surrounded by professionals who believe in the power of teamwork, are dedicated to high-quality service, and have a passion for the advanced beauty industry, and providing customers with a genuine, beauty-tailored-to-you experience. To alleviate the early-stage financial pressures of starting a business, our business model offers franchise co-owners to draw a salary from the very first month of opening the clinic. We strongly feel the support provided by our corporate team will generate healthy, long-term relationships with our franchise co-owners, leading to the overall success of our business.

CBF: What key lessons have you learned along the way?

JC: We’ve learned our corporate success depends upon the quality of our people and the culture that is instilled in the workplace. As a new market entry business, a team needs to be fully committed to rolling up their sleeves every day to deliver the best results and services for our customers and franchise co-owners. We have big goals for LCC, and we embrace each of our team members’ strengths and creativity to contribute to the success of the overall business—all while having fun doing it!

CBF: What have been the highlights and challenges of running the business?

JC: There are many details that go into opening and operating a business, but nothing is more gratifying than celebrating the grand opening of a clinic! It’s a chance to recognize the full team and congratulate one another on our efforts and achievements. It’s always exciting to officially welcome a new member to the LCC family. Of course, opening a new clinic doesn’t come without its challenges. Before any clinic opens, our focus is on assembling all the elements required to run a successful business: the operational know-how, marketing expertise, training resources to ensure safety, efficacy of treatments, and an excellent client experience. All these aspects must come together simultaneously, which is why working with an experienced team is so important.

CBF: What is your company’s competitive edge compared to other Canadian chains?

JC: Canadians can appreciate having greater access to affordable medical-grade, top-quality aesthetic treatments that are tailored to their individual needs and desired results. Our treatments and services are transparently priced and personalized to help Canadians look and feel their best. We also have well-trained staff and advanced beauty medical aestheticians who are dedicated to working closely with clients and helping them achieve the best results, no matter the beauty goal. LCC counts on the expertise and vision of a medical advisory committee that oversees and approves all equipment and treatments offered by our network. The committee is comprised of leading dermatologists and doctors; their role is to review and engage in careful governance of the network’s products and service offerings, while always keeping. safety and efficacy a top priority.

CBF: What is your strategy for expanding the company?

JC: Laser Clinics’ business features more than 200 clinics globally and democratizes the field of advanced beauty by offering greater accessibility, and industry-leading competitive pricing on an extensive range of world-class treatments and services in Canada. Laser Clinics continues its expansion plan within Ontario and across the country to give Canadians the chance to experience everything the clinic has to offer—from our innovative treatments to our skincare product line.

CBF: Where are you planning to open new franchises?

JC: LCC proudly had its inaugural grand opening at Hillcrest Mall in Richmond Hill, ON, on February. 4, 2022. In addition, it was honoured to have the milestone title of the 200th global clinic opening, the second in Canada, at Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga, ON on June 2, 2022. The business is hyper-focused on growing within the Greater Toronto Area and then will head to British Columbia, before making its way back east. We look forward to LCC’s expansion and finding a home for the right entrepreneurs to join our family as franchise co-owners.

CBF: What do you look for in new franchisees?

JC: For our business model to thrive, LCC believes in establishing and maintaining relationships with our franchise co-owners for the long term. Understanding this is a 50/50 ownership business model, our corporate team works to provide the necessary training and support to help our franchise co-owners succeed. In turn, we seek franchise co-owners who have strong business management skills, a history of building and leading teams, and are passionate about running and operating a business within this growing industry.

CBF: Why is it important for franchisees to build community partnerships?

JC: It’s important to build community partnerships because not only does it create brand awareness for the business, but it also provides an opportunity to develop relationships with members of the community. LCC believes in listening closely to our clients’ needs; the more we understand our neighbourhoods at their core and the people who live in them, the better we can service our communities. Partnerships also provide a space to lead and collaborate with other like-minded individuals who share similar values of helping others look and feel their best.

CBF: What other advice do you have for your franchise co-owners?

JC: Franchise co-owners who are most successful with Laser Clinics are committed to being involved in day-to-day operations and truly enjoy leading a team of dedicated employees. You don’t need to know all the answers from day one; LCC is there to support and guide you from the beginning. However, we can’t teach passion and drive—that needs to come from within. The success of the business ultimately comes down to the performance and determination of its franchise co-owners.

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