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Meet the Franchisor: Scott Morison of Browns Restaurant Group

BrownsOriginal5_LR“We only look for people with solid restaurant experience who want to be their own boss,” Morison explains. “They tend to be younger if they’re up for a 20- to 30-year deal and they have to be passionate about customer service. We’ve said no to a tonne of candidates. In fact, we expect half of our planned growth will be from existing franchisees who have multi-unit development agreements. They’ll continue moving into smaller and more urban markets.”

Morison says the key is to keep the brand dynamic, such that no two franchises are exactly the same. Some are free-standing, others are ‘end caps’ of existing strip malls and some will be downtown.
“I’m first and foremost a restaurateur, whereas many other franchised restaurant chains are run by businesspeople,” he says. “You’ll always see a lot of change in Browns because that’s already what I do. We’ll evolve, we won’t lock everything into a system. We’ve got a good group of people together and we’re stronger as a group than as individuals.”

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  1. I remember Cucomonga’s very well, and was often there after midnight as it was one of the few places open late in those days. A couple of times a week I was in there and it was always a delightful place.

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