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Meet the Franchisor: Susan Senecal of A&W Food Services of Canada

A&W was reportedly the first quick-service restaurant (QSR) chain in Canada to introduce self-order kiosks, having originally tested them in Vancouver in 2010, prior to the Winter Olympic Games.

On the employee experience
“Our working climate is our biggest strength. Everyone at A&W commits to our goals that describe how we aspire to work together.

For many young people, we are their first job. We know we play an important role in their professional development.

It is always a challenge to find the best people to provide a great customer experience. They need to be focused on learning, doing the right thing for our guests and working well with others. We focus on retention by responding to the needs of all the people working in our restaurants and by showing them how their job can help them meet their own goals.”

On tomorrow’s franchisees
“Another innovation we recently introduced is our Urban Franchise Associate (UFA) program, which is designed to bring in younger people as new franchisees. They still need business acumen and strong people skills, but they can join this business with a significantly lower upfront investment and then benefit from paid work experience.

Our UFAs participate in an extensive training program, which covers everything from food service to restaurant management, and they work full-time in an A&W location with our operations team’s support. When they are ready, we put them in charge of their own franchise.

Our system has seen more than 25 straight years of continuous sales growth, including an increase of 18 per cent between 2014 and 2016. While we have greater market penetration in Western Canada, two-thirds of our recent restaurant growth has been in Eastern Canada. We have so many opportunities for new franchisees, in both big cities and small towns, across the entire country.”


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One comment on “Meet the Franchisor: Susan Senecal of A&W Food Services of Canada”

  1. Congratulations Susan, nice to see female in such a role.
    I love a&w Canada, with exception kiosks not always up to par the food is top notch.
    My only problem is when you send electronic coupons out of you enter and try process of printing you loose all ur coupons. I am a senior so once in a while a coupon is a little financial break. I have contacted your company may, June 2020 about what was going on at one time I got this strange email about not being able to use iPad to print had to be hard drive, that didn’t work. I don’t get it, I am not only one this is happening to. I am afraid to ask my hubby to try and print your coupons off, his language is bit haHarsh.
    My kids know I like a&w and buy me gift cards but I have one left unless this cannot be fixed it will be my last one.
    Can u pls look into this?
    Thank you

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