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Packaging success at The UPS Store

We offer a wide range of packing and shipping materials. It’s a one-stop shop!

Finding our way in a competitive market was difficult when we first started. I knew we needed a strategy. What would set us apart?

So, we kept working and sticking to the schedule we set. We would come to work on time, leave on time, be nice to our customers and keep offering more services. We’d work in snow, rain or shine, open on time and close on time. It was part of setting the standard for our franchise. It all came back to organization and efficiency.

We learned to set high service standards and do our best to keep every customer who walked in our doors happy. It took a while, but they eventually started opening personal mailboxes and asking us to print and ship for them. We delivered what they wanted as a service provider, and business settled down. We found our groove. It’s been 10 years and we’re excited for what’s still to come.

Our area is still growing and holds a lot of potential for us. Businesses, residential communities and condos are being built. We hoped our business would provide for our retirement and we could pass it on to our kids if they want it. The UPS Store is an amazing franchise system to be part of. We have many prospective franchisees coming to us and asking if we recommend it. I tell everyone that people are different and have different goals and needs, but if you are willing to grow with a business and stick it out, it is definitely for you. We’ve been fortunate enough to train other franchisees coming into the system, just as Tammy and Rob took us in. Our franchisor’s area manager gives us breathing room to do our own thing, but we know he’s there if we run into any problems. We love sharing our experience in the system and the tricks we’ve learned along the way with others. Becoming a training location has helped us be better at our job. We are part of an encouraging and knowledgeable franchisee community and it’s great to hear others are doing well, too.

We don’t have any employees. It’s just the two of us working hard. Unfortunately, sometimes that means no vacations, but that’s life. A staff is not something we need here, as our days vary and we can generally handle the change in how busy we are. Going with the flow is the best thing we can do. I think the key to our success has been our commitment to the operation itself. We wake up every day and come to work because we want to.

We get to serve the community, are part of our customers’ lives and try to give back when possible, by usually discounting services or displaying organizations’ brochures in the store. It keeps us busy and happy.

Hena and Nadeem Sheikh are co-franchisees for The UPS Store in Vaughan, Ont. For more information, contact them via e-mail at store364@theupsstore.com.


Date of first franchise: 1991
Franchise/corporate units: 365
Investment range: $169,750 – $193,500
Initial franchise fee: $40,000
Website: www.theupsstore.ca
E-mail: development@theupsstore.ca

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