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Pita Pit Gives Back Pt 2: Andrew Bridle

PitaPit4_LRBy Kristie Smith
On April 22, 2013, the town of Bracebridge, Ont., declared a state of emergency. Record snowmelt and torrential rainfall had caused the Muskoka River to breach its dams, washing out roads, flooding dozens of homes and leaving some 200 residents without power. So, Pita Pit franchisee Andrew Bridle bought a generator to keep his restaurant open, then set to work providing free meals and cheerful banter to keep spirits up for families temporarily housed in the town’s makeshift shelter.

Two months later, when the town began to rebuild, he arranged for his employees to donate three days of their time—while he continued to pay their salaries—to work with the local Habitat for Humanity crew to build new housing for two local families in need. He also donated lunch for the entire crew.

This is 2 of 5 in Pita Pit Gives Back




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