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Saving mobile lives at Cell Phone Repair

Photo courtesy CPR Cell Phone Repair

By Peter Saunders
Quick, what does ‘CPR’ stand for? In the world of franchising, it stands for Cell Phone Repair, a same-day mobile device refurbishing business that was founded in Orlando, Fla., in 1996 and has recently expanded in Canada.

Reportedly the largest (with nearly 300 units at press time) and fastest-growing franchise network of its kind in North America, CPR provides repair services for smartphones, notebook computers, gaming systems, digital music players, tablets, other personal electronic devices and even drones. Its newest franchisees are Steve and Lorraine Graham in the growing market of Brantford, Ont. (which itself is known as Telephone City because former resident Alexander Graham Bell both invented the phone and conducted the world’s first long-distance call from Brantford to Paris, Ont.). A franchise broker matched them up with the brand.

“My background is in manufacturing and sales, while Lorraine’s is in technical engineering, so CPR is a good fit for us,” says Steve. “We like how the name is catchy, too, as we’re easy for people to find online.”

The Grahams signed their franchise agreement in April 2016 and opened their newly constructed store in December, just in time for holiday shopping traffic.

“CPR is a destination business, but it also helps that we’re in a plaza with a wide range of other tenants,” says Lorraine. “There are stores, restaurants, doctors’ offices and insurance companies, so our customers can run other errands while they wait for their repairs.”

At 1,200 square feet, their store’s size is typical of franchises across the system. In addition to the Grahams, there are two full-time employees.

“They have a real passion for fixing things,” says Steve. “Lorraine and I are still determining what the best roles are for each of us.”

“This business has already met our lifestyle and investment goals,” says Lorraine. “Mobile phones aren’t going away and people are only becoming more dependent on them, so it’s getting more critical that their users can have them repaired quickly.”

Indeed, the Grahams are already well-positioned to meet this growing demand: they purchased multi-unit rights and plan to open a second franchise in nearby Woodstock, Ont., within the next few years.

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