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Selling dreams with PropertyGuys.com

At first, I felt nervous about promoting an alternative approach, but the strength of our system gave me the confidence and resources to stand on my own two feet and change the face of real estate in my area.

Navigating the industry
In the beginning, it’s easy to feel like you’re on your own. Competitors greatly outnumbered me in my market and I was a team of one when I first started. However, one of the great things about owning a franchise is the support of the franchisor. Within PropertyGuys.com, we have fellow franchisees, mentors and coaches to support us. In my very first conversation with my coach Nick, he assured me things were going to pick up and this was the natural pace of the real estate market. He told me to hold on and stay the course, I was doing everything as prescribed.

He was right, of course. Eventually, spring arrived and my hard work started to pay off. All the signs I put up over the winter had given me the foothold I needed to penetrate the spring market. My phone started to ring.

Now, instead of hearing, “What is PropertyGuys.com?” I heard, “I see your signs everywhere!” Many of our customers’ listings started to sell and I was getting amazing testimonials from clients. The money started flowing, people were exited about PropertyGuys.com and I knew I could run my own business.

My franchise became an extension of who I was. It wasn’t just a job—it was my life. I wasn’t just Mallory, the visionary of the company. I was Mallory, the receptionist who takes your call. I was Mallory, the sign installer who pounds posts into the frozen ground and replaces them after a windstorm takes them out two weeks later. I was Mallory, the lead buzz generator, photographer and marketer. I’ve learned owning my business isn’t a sprint, but actually a marathon. It’s about working hard every single day, learning every detail and then hiring a team to complete day-to-day tasks so that you can focus on networking, strategic planning and managing the business.

There really is no typical day, which is one thing I love about this franchise system. Some days I’ll be walking through million-dollar homes with sellers, others I’ll be at my house with my dog uploading listings and editing photos. The day might start off more glamorous with an interview behind-the-scenes at the local radio show, or I may be handing out branded shirts at a community event, or I could even be travelling to Moncton to share my experience with new franchisees. No matter the day, I’m always chatting with clients and sharing what PropertyGuys.com is about. Of course, the best days always involve celebrating a new sold sign with a happy seller!

Strides forward
I’ve been with the franchise system nearly seven years now, and my love for PropertyGuys.com has only grown deeper.

The PropertyGuys.com business model works well in any market. In urban centres where housing prices continue to rise, sellers stand to give up more money on commissions than ever before. As shown by my success, the model also bodes well in rural areas like my small territory in Nova Scotia because typically rural markets are buyers’ markets. This means that there are more people trying to sell properties than buy homes in the area. That makes sellers have to compete on price. With PropertyGuys.com, sellers can walk away with more money because they don’t have to factor in a listing agent’s commission, if any at all. There’s no age limit on wanting to keep more money on the sale of a house. We’ve been able to help everyone from single professionals in their 20s to 90-year-old couples looking to downsize.

With a few tips, a team of experts on their side, and an easy to navigate platform, most clients find the process very easy. They feel in control of their sale, but that they’re not alone. There is nothing more frustrating than someone having his or her biggest asset on the market and not having a clue if anyone likes it. With us, clients feel like they’re in the driver’s seat because they’re often connecting with buyers directly.

The most rewarding part of my job is when a client will tell me their house sold and what they’re going to do with the money they saved by using PropertyGuys.com. Whether they’re using it to go on vacation, to help pay for their daughter’s university or decide to put it toward the down payment on their next home, I get to live vicariously through them.

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