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Spreading some feel-good Coffee News

TSN Radio Studio&Cross Promo
We recently met with TSN 1050 broadcasters Peter Irvine (left) and Lindsay O’Connor as part of a cross-promotional effort with the station.

The concept to centralize content through head office allows franchisees 
to focus on the money-making aspect of the business, which is advertising. Since all the editorial content is provided by the franchisor, our primary responsibilities are to establish and maintain the distribution network and fill ad space, which certainly simplifies running the business. It also helps maintain advertising rates, since there is no additional cost of writing or sourcing information for sections like ‘Everybody’s Talking!,’ ‘Trivia’ or ‘Quotable Quotes.’

At the moment, one of the things we’re working on is getting Coffee News into large coffee or restaurant chains. Although we have stands at a couple of Starbucks locations, we find infiltrating these bigger companies can be difficult since you’re trying to strike a deal with head office, rather than a location manager. While we haven’t given up, at the moment we feel our efforts are better spent serving existing advertisers and securing new ones.

What are some of the challenges to selling ads in Coffee News? First, it’s important to know who you’re targeting. It’s true that in the majority of cases, companies need to advertise, however, not everyone needs to do so within a fairly confined geographical area. So it can be time-consuming determining which businesses within a particular area need to reach a certain consumer base. Approaching an advertiser unfamiliar with Coffee News also requires explaining who we are and what we do, as well as gaining their trust.

It takes time to establish any business, but we are confident that like other franchisees, more people will become aware of Coffee News and its uplifting and positive content.

Ivan Valencia and Laurene Mahe are co-owners and publishers of Coffee News in Toronto. They can be reached at info@coffeenewstoronto.com or through their website coffeenewstoronto.com.

Coffee News Canada

Date of first franchise: 1993
Franchise/corporate units: 209
Investment range: $10,000 – $15,000
Initial franchise fee: $8,000
Website: www.coffeenewscanada.com
E-mail: candice@coffeenewscanada.com

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