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Staying up-to-date with beauty trends at Trade Secrets

tradesecrets3By Molly Doyle
A franchise system that sells cosmetics must keep current with beauty trends by offering new products for its customers. As the public continues taking tips from runway models and their favourite celebrities, franchisees have to ensure they can offer what their clients are looking for. Further, this clientele does not just include women. Men are becoming more concerned with their hair and face and want quick and easy products that will allow them to go home and change their style themselves. They are also taking the time to stop by barbershops and get a little ‘manscaping’ done in a comfortable environment.

The eyes have it
One trend in recent months has been a focus on the eyes, including both the eyebrows and eyelashes. Women want to eliminate dark circles, help their eyes stand out and ensure they look groomed and put-together, all while following the world of fashion. They seek quick and easy-to-apply products that help them achieve these goals.

“People want instant gratification,” says Paolo D’Elia, general manager (GM) of Trade Secrets, a Canadian retail franchise system that sells hair, skin and body products. “They want to get out the door quickly looking gorgeous, which can be a challenge. We are finding products are coming out to simplify makeup techniques to improve wrinkles and dark circles. There is a new product, for example, that instantly takes away puffiness, which has created a lot of buzz in the salon business, because it speaks to the instant gratification of today.”

The ‘cat eye’ look, a winged-out eyeliner technique to elongate the eye, is also big now and has grown with the use of different eyeliners. Jeannine Pavlick, director of merchandising for Chatters Canada, a salon franchisor that sells beauty products, says eyelash extensions are popular too, especially with the under 30 crowd.

tradesecrets1When it comes to making the eyes ‘pop’ without using makeup, maintaining the eyebrows by waxing is another trend in full force among all age groups, expected to continue into 2014. It does not necessarily mean creating a smaller, thinner brow, however.

“Eyebrows are big right now,” says Maxine Tall, a Beauty Supply Outlet (BSO) franchisee in Sudbury, Ont. “Full eyebrows help emphasize your eyes, so with that in mind when getting their eyebrows waxed, customers are trying to keep them more natural looking.

To help maintain the full brow, gels made specifically for eyelashes and eyebrows are being used as pre-conditioners before makeup is applied. So when users want to get out the door faster, grooming is already more manageable.

Rebecca Ramsdale, social media and marketing co-ordinator for Trade Secrets, says mousse can also help to fill eyebrows in, shape them and hold them throughout the day, so they do not have to be retouched. Eyebrow mousse is being pushed into Trade Secrets’ stores and Ramsdale says it will be a hot sell for spring and summer 2014.

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