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Staying up-to-date with beauty trends at Trade Secrets

Looking up to others
Another trend is trying to look like role models of the moment, including musicians and characters on TV. Customers are connecting with certain looks and want to recreate them so they are bringing photos into stores and asking employees how to achieve this goal with their products.

Depending on the franchise system, employees can help customers find products to bring home or test them out in-store. Some stores offer mini-makeovers, where staff apply the makeup on customers, so they can see if they are getting the look they want.

Tan without the sun
BSO franchisee Tall says more self-tanning products are being purchased in higher numbers than ever, as people are becoming more aware of damage the sun can do to their skin. She says people may naturally tan their arms and face during the summer, but for a special event, they will buy self-tanner to apply to their legs, because they are more difficult to tan.

Many of today’s self-tanning products are sold with gloves for application, resulting in a more even look. New products are now easier to use in the comfort of clients’ homes, and are far from the orange-tinted ones of the past.

tradesecrets2Nailing it
Trade Secrets’ D’Elia says today’s women demand quick services and colours for nail polish, as well, and they do not want to spend $50 on a manicure only to have their polish chip just a few days later.

“After shatter polish came gel-based polish, so customers would not have to get their nails redone for two to three weeks,” he explains, “but they still found it time-consuming to go into salons and get their nails filled and maintained. Now, a new polish is available that does not require a base coat and doesn’t stain your nails when you wear dark colours. It’s a shellac process, so when it is applied, it strengthens with ultraviolet (UV) light. It should remain chip-free for seven days. We launched this product in June 2013 and have found it accounted for close to 40 per cent of all our nail polish sold in just that short period. This is a massive trend and is a new experience for customers.”

BSO’s Tall says purples and blues are popular colours and texture and designs are also big now, including the glitter or ‘sand’ look.

“Women are painting their nails with new designs,” she says. “Many are painting the tips one colour and the rest of the nail in another, or painting actual designs on them. It’s becoming more fun. They want to bring out their personality more and display art on their hands.”

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