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Staying up-to-date with beauty trends at Trade Secrets

What men want
With more men taking care of their hair and face, they want quick and easy processes they can do at home. The current trend has been to switch from gels to waxes and pomades. Men are also embracing their grey hair more than ever. One popular product reshades grey, instead of darkening it to look like it has been dyed black.

“Men are becoming more versatile with their hairstyles,” says Tall. “They may have a work hairstyle and then when they go out to a bar or club they want to punk it up a bit. They’re buying more styling products now, like pomades and waxes to make their style a little more current. They are taking grooming more seriously than ever before.”

tradesecrets4Eyebrow shaping, too, is not just for women. With ‘manscaping,’ men are getting their eyebrows waxed, their chest hair trimmed, laser hair removal and ear waxing. These services are being provided by new, franchised barbershops opening specifically for men, offering a comfortable atmosphere with TVs, sports paraphernalia, coffee, newspapers and/or couches.

When it comes to trying to get a fuller head of hair, popular products for men (and some women as well) include those with keratin fibre in them. These are quick and easy to use. Customers just shake the product onto the thinning area and the fibres instantly cling to and fill out existing hair, creating a fuller and thicker head of hair and covering up the scalp. The product does not run in the rain, but washes out with shampoo and then can be reapplied the next day.

What the future looks like
In 2014, Trade Secrets’ Ramsdale says the natural look is going to become the new trend. Heavy makeup and colours will be toned down, as people instead will work with what they already have.

“As the winter season progresses into spring and summer, we will see a decline in over-the-top makeup,” she says. “The makeup trends are all about great, fresh skin, simple lashes, groomed brows and neutral colours, with no real focus on any one part of the face.”

And with the need to apply and go, women will be applying more makeup at home and going into salons less.



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