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Thai Express: Top Asian food franchise 2020

Thai Express has nearly 300 locations across Canada in all 10 provinces.
Thai Express has nearly 300 locations across Canada in all 10 provinces.

As one of the largest brands in the MTY Franchising Inc. portfolio, Thai Express continues to expand across the Canadian restaurant landscape with more than 299 locations across all 10 provinces plus an additional 30 locations around the globe in Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), the U.K., and U.S.

Part of this winning formula includes all the industry leading experience, knowledge, and support franchisees receive when it comes to store development (site selection and buildout, rent negotiation, and landlord relations), operational expertise (ongoing training, coaching, and business development for operations management) and marketing resources (media buying, local store marketing, social media, and online management). The company’s goal is to empower the entrepreneurial nature of franchisees with the structure and tools needed for them to operate a successful restaurant, but most importantly, to serve clients with delicious Thai dishes and a positive customer experience where they are treated like family.

It is thanks to this 360-degree support system and motivated and hardworking franchisees that the brand is listed as the Top Canadian Asian Food Franchise by Canadian Business Franchise.

The perfect mix of menu and atmosphere

Thai Express’ proven model focuses on providing Thai food rich with authentic flavours which comes from cooking with fresh ingredients to order right in front of the customer’s eyes so they can appreciate a hot meal that is served fast and filled with Thai heart. From the clanging of the food being stir-fried in sizzling woks, to the intense heat and flames required to seal in the flavours as fast as possible, to the fragrant aromas of Thai staples such as lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and galangal, customers witnessing these meals being created just for them stimulates all the senses and builds anticipation for the dishes that clients cannot wait to devour.

Variety is also key as the menu is not only filled with fan favourites such as Pad See Ew, General Thai, and the now ubiquitous Pad Thai, but also with many options to select a protein of choice and varied degree of spice. Vegan, gluten-friendly, and low-carb menu options are also widely available to satisfy the diverse dietary requirements of food lovers across the world.

A model that adapts to retail opportunities

Thai Express franchisees are fortunate to benefit from an established franchise footprint across Canada which has created brand equity in various provinces. This helps support their growth strategy in both maximizing its presence in major metropolitan hubs and the sizeable populations of Canadian cities between them. The brand’s store design is flexible and easily adapts to mall food courts, standalone restaurants, in-line street locations, along with a variety of non-traditional restaurant environments, including rest stops, hospitals, airports, and universities.

For one to realize just how effective the company’s system really is, all it takes is speaking with the franchisees.

“I was walking by [a location] and I saw a huge line… I went, I tried it, and I understood why there were all these people. Now, I own five Thai Express locations,” said Eddy Hassan, a multi-unit franchise owner.

According to Jacky Chhan, an owner of a location in a mall food court, repeat business is huge with Thai Express.

“We usually have a line during lunchtime, comprising anywhere between 30 and 40 people… they know we’re going to serve them fast. Customers come again and again, and that helps grow revenues and build the business,” explains Chhan.

For Sam Saliba, Thai Express is the total package both as a customer and a franchisee.

“I’ve yet to find a place that offers something that’s fresh, that’s healthy, that’s quick, and that’s affordable. Thai Express hits each of those high notes,” he said.

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