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The road to success with Midas

Al Martin, a legend in the world of Midas, has inspired me over the years, so much so, I jumped out of an airplane. That’s Al in the red T-shirt, and by the way, he jumped too. Photos courtesy Tina Dejong

The road ahead
What does the future hold for the shops? Our son Matthew is apprenticing with us as a technician as part of his high school studies. He’s pretty much settled on taking over the business someday. My advice to him and to anyone looking to run an auto repair centre is to be involved in the business, rather than simply looking at it as a place to park your money. While I agree it is an investment to a certain extent, a business is something that needs to be nurtured so it becomes a reflection of you. That’s one of the reasons I built a coffee bar at our Woodbridge location, well, that and also because our clientele is overwhelmingly Italian. What’s Woodbridge without a coffee bar, I thought? Well, it’s practically unheard of. When customers walk in, they head straight to the counter. On Saturday mornings, I’m more barista than boss. And while I’ve tried to step away from brewing the Joe, my customers are quite vocal in their disappointment when I’m not there. I don’t mind it, though. Like I said, it’s all about building relationships, and if all it takes is catching up over a shot of espresso, I’m happy to do that.

IMG_3957I’m always asked what it’s like to be a woman in such a male-dominated field. My answer is that times are changing. There are a lot of women in our industry—not as many as there should be mind you—but I am fortunate to be part of a business that includes some amazing female franchisees. There is an evolution on the other side of the counter, as well. These days, women are a great deal more active in making the buying decisions. With all the information available on the Internet, I find my female clients take a greater interest in the work a technician is doing on their car because they can easily research it online. On any given day, you’ll find about half the clients in the waiting room are women. I think in some cases my female clients like the fact the shop is owned by a woman, but I also know their husbands appreciate they are dealing with one, too.

As long as I love what I’m doing, I don’t see it ever changing. Matt and Michael will take a more active role in the business down the road, so I can perhaps slow down a bit myself. As I said, your people become a reflection of who you are in the way you present the business. Once that foundation
is laid, stepping back a bit isn’t all that difficult.

Tina Dejong is co-owner of Midas stores in Woodbridge and Etobicoke, Ont. She can be reached at tdejong@bellnet.ca.


Date of first franchise: 1956
Franchise/corporate units: 154
Investment range: $338,000 – $425,000
Initial franchise fee: $30,000
Website: www.midasfranchise.com
E-mail: midasfranchise@midas.com

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2 comments on “The road to success with Midas”

  1. Did you know there’s a new midas in Sudbury ontario they opened up Sept 15th
    2016 using midas name but answers the phone “auto service” and sometimes midas
    it’s at 887 notre dame ave I taken my truck there had my oil changed and have a bill that says midas I asked if it’s a midas they said kinda there was no name on the building or
    pylon sign made me feel something fishy was up.

  2. ★★★★★ in the last week I would Highly Recommend The Midas In Woodbridge … Very Honest, Treat You With Respect And Dignity. There Repairs Are Done Promptly And On Time . Never Had A Problem… The Work Is Done Right The First Time . Also Tina Is an Angel. Great Person To Talk Too . Makes You Feel Welcome. They Treat There Employees Like Family. Great Thanks To Jim & Tina and Staff….. My Uncle Peter Lalousis Worked For Them For a Little While .. He Says ….. He’s Never Had A Better Christmas Present To This Day . It Was An honor Working For Such Good People !!! (P.S.) Can I Please Get My Job Back ???

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