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You’ve Got What It Takes: Fast Signs franchisee Sandeep Dhalla

crop3By Peter Saunders
You don’t need a specific degree to become a franchisee. Franchising is the world’s most successful business model because it takes people from all walks of life and gives them the tools they need to be entrepreneurs in specialized fields. Considering your talent, skills and life experience, you’ve probably got a lot to be confident about as you prepare for your franchise journey.

Still have doubts? Maybe your career thus far has been different from the nature of the franchise you would like to own? In ‘You’ve Got What It Takes,’ we show you how your past career and other experiences can be applied in a franchised setting.

What he does:
Sandeep Dhalla bought a FastSigns franchise in Winnipeg earlier this year, having previously owned and managed a furniture store in Toronto. While his business education and past career experience have taught him many relevant sales skills, he knew little about the sign industry when he took ownership of the shop.

“The staff here has really helped me, as has the franchisor’s support,” he says. “I have theoretical business knowledge and the confidence to deal with customer service issues and negotiations, but I lack product knowledge in this industry. It’s not just banners and flags, but also decals, vehicle wraps and floor graphics. I will need to know these products inside and out!”

Sandeep had already been researching other franchise opportunities in Winnipeg for a year when he began to consider FastSigns in February 2012.

“I evaluated it every day for a month, while taking meetings with other businesses,” he says. “I had seen it before, but didn’t know too much about it.”

The more he learned, the more sure he became about the sign shop’s potential for sales growth.

“It seemed more recession-proof than a furniture store,” he says. “Businesses always need to buy signs. They need branding and marketing to succeed.”

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