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Baskin-Robbins Canada celebrates Valentine’s Day with greeting cards, heart-shaped treats

Baskin-Robbins Canada is selling limited-edition greeting card packs and love-themed frozen treats to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The cards, which are exclusive to Club 31 members, allow customers to print or e-mail greetings with coupons. They can be customized for Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day or Singles Awareness Day.

“We wanted to create something that can appeal to everyone,” says Natalie Joseph, a spokesperson for Baskin-Robbins. “Instead of being targeted solely to couples, these cards bring a fun and interactive twist to telling your lover, sister, brother or best friend, ‘I love you.’”

Meanwhile, Love Potion #31 is February’s flavour of the month, offering a combination of white chocolate and raspberry-flavoured ice cream, raspberry ribbon, raspberry-filled hearts and chocolate chunks. The flavour is also available on heart-shaped polar pizzas, which feature a double fudge crust, cookies ‘n cream pieces, marshmallow topping, fudge and heart-shaped sprinkles.

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