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Delivering on delivery

Pizza boyBy Sebastian Fuschini
Buying into a franchise is a great way to start and grow your own business. At the core of the franchising model is a very simple notion: convenience for both the customer and the franchisee.

A franchise business represents an ‘instant’ startup; it usually includes extensive training and support, and entrepreneurs benefit from both brand identity and a buildup of accumulated knowledge, which, together, helps speed up the potential for immediate and future returns.

The Canadian marketplace is very competitive and full of options. With so many choices out there, selecting a franchise can feel overwhelming. After working in the industry for 30 years, I have learned it comes down to three basic golden rules: know your limits, know your edge and know your passions.

Focusing on your edge
Before you sign onto a franchise operation, be sure it’s within your limits both financially and skill-set wise. If you believe food service is the right industry for you, do your research and understand the differentiators that set organizations apart and give them a competitive edge.

Food-service restaurants that offer a delivery option are a good example. Quick- and full-service restaurants (QSR and FSR) that offer quality delivery are encouraging repeat business, extending productive hours of operation and re-defining the competitive landscape, all by meeting customers at their door.

Any company that offers a quality product, value for money and exceeds customer expectations with friendly delivery service has a winning combination and a competitive edge. Creating a positive and convenient experience will increase your restaurant’s chances at repeat business, which is the best sales pool to draw from.

Service that can meet a customer’s needs during Friday movie night or the late-night game on TV is extending the productive hours of operation of the restaurant; it’s great to keep your location open longer. However, just being open is not going to automatically draw customers. This is especially true if customers have to leave their homes on cold winter nights. The convenience of delivery is often the differentiator that holds a business plan together and can set a franchise apart from the competition.

Lastly, offering delivery gives franchisees the opportunity to build a more personal relationship with customers. Gaining brief access to a customer’s home is a serious matter, which requires your full attention. It is both a large responsibility and a boon to business.

Doing delivery right
Capitalizing on these unique circumstances plays an important role in building trust and confidence. Upholding customer service promises requires astute franchisees and franchisors to support the efforts of delivery drivers. Every step of the process, including organization prior to the customer placing the order, is important. Making delivery an effective part of your business also requires three things: embracing your training, using the services provided by the franchisor and executing well.

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