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Delivering on delivery

Offering a hot, fresh product that is delivered right to the customer’s door requires an expert understanding of food, workplace safety and preparation standards to produce a consistent product while minimizing costs. Gaining this expert understanding is directly dependent on the training you receive before starting the business. Updating your training on a regular basis is a must as well.

Effective franchisor-driven training will ensure the process—from the time the customer places the order to when the food arrives at their door—is consistent, repeatable and timely. For example, it should take approximately 12 minutes to turn raw ingredients into a boxed and finished pizza, if you know the process.

Franchisor support
The best way to ensure your drivers have enough time to safely deliver food is by utilizing the services provided by the franchisor. This will also help you make decisions about purchasing supplies, staffing and scheduling driver shifts to accommodate rush periods. Smart franchisors will provide you with detailed information on previous order patterns, special event information and other demographic details that impact your location. This data will help you make business decisions with the ultimate goal of meeting order demands.

Proper execution
Lastly, executing well is one of the main ways the true benefit of delivery can be actualized in a franchise operation. In many cases, great execution involves relying on training and working with the franchisor to provide the best service. The best way to execute is to ensure your team always approaches the customer in a friendly and responsive manner.

Sometimes, food will be made improperly, orders will be taken down wrong and food will arrive late. The ability of the delivery driver to deal with the imperfections of the system, rise above while smiling and return with the correct order will go a long way to build relationships, gain customers’ trust and become a respected business in the community.

Delivery downsides
Offering delivery, however, has its challenges. It increases your costs, as you need to hire and manage more staff. It also puts additional pressure on the kitchen during peak times. Also, inclement weather can have a dramatic impact on delivery.

A good franchise team will recognize weather patterns as a double-edged opportunity. While it will increase orders, it will also get in the way of meeting the customer guarantee in a timely fashion. Dealing with this challenge requires advanced research to anticipate when bad weather is coming, flexibility to sort out shift scheduling and teamwork to deal with problems as they come up.

Ultimately, there will be times when you have too many or too few drivers scheduled. This can lead to drivers waiting around on a slow evening, then rushing around and falling behind on an unexpectedly hectic night. A good franchisor will prepare you for these circumstances and offer tools to help you minimize problems in advance.

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