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Delivering on delivery

Thinking big
While delivery has the potential to become a competitive edge, it’s only one aspect of a food service business. There is no substitute for joining a franchise that has a strong system and is a good match for you personally. Be sure the company offers adequate training and a community-oriented business plan, and assess in advance if the company values its franchisees and will offer you support in the early months and beyond.

Now, back to those golden rules. The last golden rule to follow when seeking a franchise is probably the most important one: personal passions. Passion and commitment is what drives a desire to succeed when the going gets tough. By embracing challenges and pushing yourself and others to work together, nothing will stand in your way for long.

If you follow the golden rules and put your heart into what you do, there is no reason why you should not be successful in a new franchise venture; especially if you do your research to understand differentiators and find one that offers training, friendly service, quality and convenience.

Sebastian Fuschini is vice-president franchising at Pizza Pizza Ltd., and has been in the pizza industry for 30 years. He can be reached at sfuschini@pizzapizza.ca. For more information visit www.pizzapizza.ca.    

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