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Grand Big Mac takes iconic McDonald’s burger to new heights [and sounds]

McDonald’s has introduced the Grand Big Mac, a spin on the brand’s most popular burger with even more ingredients.
McDonald’s has introduced the Grand Big Mac, a spin on the brand’s most popular burger with even more ingredients.

This summer, McDonald’s Canada is celebrating the Grand Big Mac to nationwide menus at participating restaurants for a limited time.

A twist on one of the restaurant’s favourite burgers, the Grand Big Mac is a bigger Big Mac with even more ingredients added.

“McDonald’s puts quality and taste at the forefront of everything we do, and we are continually innovating our food offering for our guests,” said Rebecca Smart, director, national marketing, McDonald’s Canada. “We know that Canadians love the classic combination of ingredients and signature taste of the Big Mac. The Grand Big Mac gives guests even more of what they love, with two larger 100 per cent Canadian beef patties, more special sauce, and more of the same Big Mac toppings fans love.”

McDonald’s is using ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) as part of the menu item’s promotion. The ‘Grand Big Mac Sounds’ experience, available via YouTube, takes guests on a journey to discover the sandwich’s story—from the sound of a patty cooking, the squeeze of Big Mac sauce, the rustle of  lettuce, and the nestling of the burger on the bun.

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20 comments on “Grand Big Mac takes iconic McDonald’s burger to new heights [and sounds]”

  1. Love, love, love it. Got the meal and couldn’t finish the fries. Lots of meat, lots of sauce. Craving one now, on my way to town for lunch. Yuuuummmmmy

  2. Just had the Grand big mac Not impressed the beef patties are super thin all i could taste is sauce
    pickles and bun not worth $15 for 2 same size as original big mac 30 years ago not as good

  3. Disappointing. I compared what I had to the advertising pictures and videos and it was not even close. Height estimates were also quite off. Mine seemed to be squashed down or the buns were just flat. Too much sauce. Nothing about this burger said special other than marketing.

    I suspect they used people with very small hands to show it off. And they also only had them hold specially prepared ones. They should use the real product. Go into a MacDonalds and actually order one and then use that one in all the media shots. Anyone can make a one off burger look huge and great. But when the rubber hits the road (in this case the burger hits the production line) it loses all but a superficial resemblance to the actual shots of it.

    Maybe I should go and order one and say I want it to look EXACTLY like the one in the pictures. Do you think they would deliver? I doubt it. Is this false advertising?

  4. Too much sauce, that’s mostly what you taste. Very thin patties (looks no way near the size of patties on the posters and adds). So saucy it’s hard to hold it together to it. I have eaten big macs since 40 years ago. Going back to the regular!

  5. My big Mac in Timmins ont had cabbage instead of lettuce. Don’t think that was supposed to be put on. It was good though but false advertising of The Big Mac.

  6. Very disappointed in the grand big Mac. McDonald’s should have used 1/4 meat. Just lots of bread and sauce. Where’s the meat. We ordered a regular big Mac and a grand big Mac and the burger looked the same size. Even a double big Mac would have been bigger. So sad though this was going to be a big burger, just a big bun. Such false advertising.

  7. Yep I tried a Grand Mac today. Should have known better. I expected bigger patties and well….. All I got was more bun and sauce. Extremely disappointing

  8. What is head office missing, other than turning their heads, or should I say burying their heads. Get with it people, case in point, you should be sued for false advertising, misrepresenting a product and misleading the entire population with this pogus marketing campaign that says the “new Big Mac, has bigger patties…. Seriously do you think the entire nation/world is stupid. I just bought one, and the bun is 6 inches in diameter and the NEW pattie is 3 inches in diameter and 1/3 or an inch thick. I don’t need two pounds of lettuce, and a cup of secret sauce. Wendy’s, Burger King and any where else here I come, done with McDonalds bullshit lies. Hey people how about a joint law suit???

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