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Kelseys celebrates 40th anniversary with Spamburger

Through a special partnership with Hormel Foods International, Kelseys Original Roadhouse—founded in 1978 and currently franchised by Recipe Unlimited, formerly known as Cara—recently added a Spamburger to its menu for a limited time.

The Spamburger (pictured) was available in July as part of Kelsey’s Burger Fest promotion. It layered a ground beef patty with two slices of classic Spam canned meat and was garnished with sesame-glazed pineapple rings, tomato, lettuce and red onion.

“This burger is really a take on nostalgia at its finest,” says Dan Glendinning, international sales and marketing manager for Hormel, whose proprietary brands include Spam and Skippy peanut butter, among others.

“Burger Fest is all about delighting our guests with unique ingredients,” says Shannon Lawler, director of marketing for Kelseys.

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