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McDonald’s offers Fish & Chips promotion

For a limited time, McDonald’s will be offering Fish & Chips across Canada.
For a limited time, McDonald’s will be offering Fish & Chips across Canada.

Quick-service restaurant (QSR) franchise system McDonald’s is offering Fish & Chips for a limited time in Canada.

The meal includes a two-piece serving of 100 per cent wild-caught Atlantic Haddock, served with fries and tartar dipping sauce.

Since the successful pilot project in Atlantic Canada last summer, the company decided to introduce the menu items nationwide. During that time, 86,500 Fish & Chips were sold.

“After introducing Fish & Chips in the Atlantic Provinces last year, we are very excited to expand the meal nationwide,” said McDonald’s supply chain officer, Rob Dick. “Sourced locally in Atlantic Canada, it’s another testament to McDonald’s ongoing passion for food, as we continue to evolve our menu options.”

The fish is certified to be sustainably caught and traceable to an audited and certified fisher by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

“We applaud and thank McDonald’s Canada for its continued commitment to sustainability through sourcing from MSC certified fisheries,” said MSC’s program director Jay Lugar.

“Consumers expect companies to have a positive impact on our planet, and with its MSC-certified haddock Fish & Chips, McDonald’s is giving millions of Canadians a menu choice that is a vote for healthy oceans, preserved fish stocks, and supporting the livelihoods of coastal Canadian communities that depend on fishing.”


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