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Pizza 73 to offer plant-based options

Pizza 73 has introduced plant-based menu options.
Pizza 73 has introduced plant-based menu options.

Quick-service restaurant Pizza 73 has introduced plant-based menu items.

Cauliflower Crust is currently available as an option for medium pizzas; each containing two servings of vegetables. Customers are also able to order the new Cauliflower Crust with dairy-free vegan cheese.

The crust alternative is gluten-free and provides a source of iron, fibre.

Customers can now customize any pizza with plant-based pepperoni and picy sausage crumble.

Super Plant Pizza’s recipe includes traditional tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and is topped with plant-based pepperoni (Yves Veggie Cuisine) and spicy sausage crumble (Greenleaf Foods, SPC).

“The resounding feedback from our customers has been for healthier options and more flexibility, so we are excited to deliver on their requests,” said Pizza 73’s CEO, Paul Goddard. “At Pizza 73, we are continuously focused on new trends and menu innovation for our customers.”

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