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Ensuring great customer service

6. Under-promise and over-deliver

If a product delivery, for example, is expected to reach your customer by next Tuesday afternoon, it is best to tell the customer it will be there by Wednesday or Thursday. This way, when the customer is pleasantly surprised by Tuesday delivery, he/she will remember having a good experience with your franchise.

This is also a ‘safety’ measure for your franchise in case an emergency arises and the delivery ends up later than originally anticipated.

7. Use vocal variety

The first thing a customer hears is the tone of the CSR’s voice. It matters not only what is said, but also how it is said.

crop1It is important to be genuine with the customer, showing interest in what he/she has to say. Rather than speak in a monotone voice, you should stand up, smile and move naturally, even if only on the phone. Customers will pick up the difference.

Of course, effective body language is especially important when dealing with customers face-to-face. In this sense, it is not only a matter of what is said and how, but also what you do while you are saying it!

Customers will look at how you dress, behave and interact with them as a whole. Your body speaks volumes about how you feel and what you really think.

8. Thank your customers for their business

After each sales transaction or phone call, thank the customer for choosing your franchise. Making this a habit will reinforce your company’s image in a positive way.

9. Follow up quickly

After dealing with a sticky situation, it is worthwhile for the CSR to follow up with the customer, to find out how the solution to the problem worked out. By show customers you care, you let them know you are working on making their experience better today and in the future. It takes years to develop a great client relationship, but only minutes to destroy it!

Nicole Attias is a corporate sales trainer, independent sales agent and facilitator. For more information, contact her at (416) 831-0356 or visit www.nicoleattias.com.

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