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Tim Hortons plans expansion in Thailand

Tim Hortons expanding into Thailand
Tim Hortons expanding into Thailand

Tim Hortons will be expanding to Thailand through a partnership with WeEat Company.

“We are very excited to grow the Tim’s brand in Thailand as part of our broader global growth strategy,” said company president Alex Macedo. “Thailand has a thriving coffee market and our partner has a deep understanding of the Thai market, which we believe will position us well for success in the country.”

The food-franchise system believes it can replicate in Thailand its recent successes in other international markets by featuring a strong hot and cold beverage platform, a localized food menu, and prominent branding in the restaurant design to celebrate its Canadian heritage.

“We are proud to partner with the the restaurant to launch and develop this great brand in Thailand,” said WeEat’s CEO Nick Wattanavekin. “We look forward to opening the doors of our first Tim Hortons restaurant and sharing Canada’s favourite coffee with our guests.”

The brand has more than 4800 restaurants around the world.


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