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Choice Hotels launches state-of-the-art reservation system

Choice Hotels has launched ChoiceEdge, the franchisor’s first central reservation system in 30 years.

The cloud-based technology supports more than 6,500 hotels around the world. It is built to handle the volume of Choice Hotels’ digital channel by managing all distribution and optimizing rates, inventory, availability, shopping, booking and reservations for its website, mobile apps and third-party partners.

“There has been an explosion of growth in digital travel sales worldwide in the last decade,” says Choice Hotels’ CEO, Pat Pacious. “The industry’s old reservation systems were not designed to handle the volume and velocity of transactions we see today. ChoiceEdge harnesses the power of cloud computing and big data analytics to help deliver value to both customers and franchisees. Through personalization and machine learning, we are now able to create the intuitive experience customers want and provide data-driven, holistic solutions to boost efficiencies for our franchisees and throughout our value chain.”

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