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7-Eleven expands mobile payment options

7-Eleven becomes first convenience retailer chain in Canada to accept Alipay and WeChat Pay
7-Eleven becomes first convenience retailer chain in Canada to accept Alipay and WeChat Pay.

Retail franchisor 7-Eleven has announced it will now accept Chinese mobile payment systems Alipay and WeChat Pay.

These mobile payment options are currently available at 35 select locations in Vancouver and Toronto, with plans for expansion in the next few months.

“With 67,000 stores worldwide, Alipay and WeChat Pay are just one of the many solutions we provide our global consumers so they can enjoy a frictionless experience in our stores,” says 7-Eleven’s Gurmeet Singh, chief digital officer and chief information officer. “7-Eleven is the first convenience retailer to provide Alipay and WeChat Pay mobile payment solutions in Canada, and we continue to drive digital transformation with the latest in consumer-facing mobile technology.”

“The explosion of mobile usage and QR-based mobile solutions offer opportunities for retailers to provide an engaging and new retail experience. We are thrilled to collaborate with 7-Eleven in a joint effort to redefine convenience in Canada,” says Wei Jiang, president and chief operating officer of Citcon, a leader in cross-border mobile payment and marketing solutions.

In an increasingly digital world, 7-Eleven continues to push for innovative services and convenience solutions that elevate their customers’ experience. For Chinese consumers where mobile payments are the norm, facilitating Alipay and WeChat Pay, China’s leading mobile payment platforms, 7-Eleven provides residents and tourists with an easy and familiar way to complete transactions abroad.

“Alipay looks forward to supporting 7-Eleven in providing a seamless experience for Chinese consumers as they visit North America and offering further convenience in the food and beverage space along their routes so they can travel with ease,” says Yulei Wang, general manager of Alipay North America. “We are extremely excited to be part of this activation and look forward to collaborating with 7-Eleven and Citcon.”

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