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Aluminum foil out, biodegradable paper in for Quesada packaging

Quesada is switching its packaging from aluminum foil to biodegradable paper.
Quesada is switching its packaging from aluminum foil to biodegradable paper.

Quesada is phasing out foil to package its burritos in favour of biodegradable paper, starting this month.

According to a media release, this translates to diverting about 45,439 kg (100,000 lb) of aluminum or 12.5 million foil wraps from landfills over the next five years.

Traditionally, burritos everywhere are wrapped in aluminum foil packaging. However, aluminum takes about 400 years to break down. Furthermore, one ton of it takes about 170 million British thermal unit (BTUs) to produce— or approximately 5300 L (1400 g) of gasoline—and emits about 12 tons of greenhouse gases.

“We’re working hard to be more sustainable while also hopefully influencing and empowering our community of fans and loyal customers to do the same,” said Steve Gill, founder & CEO, Quesada Burritos & Tacos.

While the company already donates one per cent of the sales of its Beyond Meat burrito to support the David Suzuki Foundation through its commitment to 1% for the Planet, it is topping up donations this month by expanding charitable menu items to include all of its plant-based menu items.

“Canadians care about protecting the environment, but per capita, research shows we are among the most wasteful nations in the world,” said David Suzuki Foundation director of development and strategic partnerships Siobhan Aspinall. “The good news is when companies make changes toward more sustainable ways of business, it encourages consumers to think about how their purchasing decisions affect our planet.”

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