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A&W brews all-natural root beer

A&W Food Services of Canada has revamped its popular root beer recipe to include only natural ingredients, such as natural cane sugar, sarsaparilla root, licorice, birch bark and anise.

The natural cane sugar provides caramel colouring, a fruity sweetness and floral aroma. Sarsaparilla offers notes of vanilla, caramel and wintergreen flavours. Birch bark brings a subtle earthiness and slight mint flavour, while natural licorice creates richness with slightly bitter, sweet and spicy undertones. Lastly, anise delivers characteristics of fennel and tarragon.

“Our customers told us they want food and drink made with natural ingredients and we are taking big steps to make it happen,” says Tom Newitt, senior director of marketing and brand communications at A&W Canada.

On July 22, the franchise system will host Free Root Beer Day and customers can try the new all-natural beverage free of charge from opening until closing.

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