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A&W Canada to serve cage-free eggs in two years

A&W_eggsFast-food franchisor A&W Food Services of Canada announced a commitment to become the first national quick-service restaurant (QSR) to serve cage-free eggs.

A&W is giving a $100,000 grant to Farm and Food Care Canada, a non-profit organization dedicated to building public trust in food and farming. The money will fund a leadership discussion, research and related work with animal welfare scientists, veterinarians, university researchers, non-government organizations, farmers, egg suppliers and food-service and retail companies.

“At A&W, we are committed to finding better hen housing options within two years that can benefit Canadians, egg farmers and the entire food industry,” says Susan Senecal, the company’s president. “We are investing in innovation to accelerate the pace of change because right now, there are no viable cage-free egg options meeting our supply standards regarding the use of antibiotics. We are committed to change because we think it is the right thing for the animals, the industry, our business and Canada.”

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