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Baskin-Robbins introduces cookie sandwiches and sundaes

BR_icecreamDessert franchise system Baskin-Robbins recently added warm cookie ice cream sandwiches and sundaes to its menu in Canada.

The cookie options include dark chocolate chunk, double fudge, peanut butter chocolate and white chunk macadamia nut. Customers choose the ice cream flavour, cookie and topping (sprinkles or chopped almonds) and have the option to ‘make it a double,’ with two scoops of ice cream and three cookies. The same process is used for the sundaes, except customers choose a sauce and they are topped with whipped cream and a cherry.

“We are delighted to welcome warm cookies into our lineup and there is nothing better than to have them ‘sandwich’ our exciting ice cream flavours,” says Baskin-Robbins’ field marketing manager, Natalie Joseph.

In other news, the March flavour of the month is Easter egg hunt, a green and white-chocolate flavoured ice cream with candy eggs and a cream ribbon.

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