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Being registered adds even more rewards to Tim Hortons loyalty program

Tim Hortons is encouraging members of its loyalty program to register their accounts to get even more rewards.
Tim Hortons is encouraging members of its loyalty program to register their accounts to get even more rewards.

Tim Hortons has millions of guests who are Tim Rewards loyalty program registered members, which grants them access to exclusive in-app offers, promotions, and contests.

It is quick and easy to register and link a Tim Rewards physical card to a digital account and begin taking advantage of all the benefits of the program that are reserved for registered members.

“Tims Rewards has quickly become one of Canada’s largest and most used loyalty programs, and we’re always looking for opportunities to make it better,” said Matt Moore, head of digital and loyalty for Tim Hortons.

To register, members can visit Tim Hortons website or download the app, register, and link their physical Tim Rewards card to a digital account by providing an email address.

“By asking Tims Rewards members to register and link their physical cards, our loyalty program can become better at providing them with a personalized experience including exclusive offers and promotions, which many members have told us is really important for them,” Moore notes. “Additionally, now guests won’t need to worry about losing their points if they misplace their physical card since the points balance will be tied to their email.”

Registered Tim Rewards members earn 10 points per eligible transaction and have access to many redemption rewards for purchasing specific menu times.

Registered Tim Rewards members are also eligible to receive a birthday treat, as well as other exclusive weekly offers.

As of Oct. 28, guests with an unlinked physical card can continue to use their card on their purchases, but they must register and link their card with an email address before they can redeem any points earned as of that date. Once registered and linked, points on physical cards earned so far will be converted to points that can be redeemed for a broad range of rewards under the registered program. To encourage even more guests with unlinked cards to take full advantage of Tims Rewards, Tim Hortons is offering new incentives for registering and linking physical cards to digital accounts, including $1 any-size coffee every day for a week.

Members with an unlinked physical card and who do not have enough points for a reward will automatically receive a one-time bonus point top-up (up to a maximum of 110 points) to the nearest multiple of 120 points so they can fully redeem all their points. For example, a guest with an unlinked card with 100 points on it will receive 20 bonus points so they can redeem for a reward on their next purchase—a brewed coffee, tea, or classic donut. Those guests will have until Nov. 1, 2021 to redeem their points earned before Oct. 28.

Tim Rewards physical cards will continue to be scanned in restaurants—a smartphone is not required to take advantage as a registered member. In response to guest feedback, new physical Tim Rewards cards, which will require registration and linking to use points, will be made available in Tim Hortons restaurants after Oct. 28.

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  1. No thanks. Loyalty programs are becoming ways to control and even spend more money in order to get the “free reward”. I will no longer do this. I am going to be cutting all my loyalty cards starting with this one. I will delete my so called loyalty apps from my phone.

  2. So benevolent old RBI has decided to force their “better personalized experience” aka targeted advertising experience on us. How nice of them. If this were such a benefit, wouldn’t people naturally choose it instead of it having to be forced upon them? My card worked fine before. I see no need to give away my personal information for their “rewards” now. Time to toss that card and have one less thing cluttering up my wallet.

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