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Burger King launches new “You Rule” marketing campaign across Canada

Canadians may have already heard the “Whopper, Whopper” jingle at the forefront of the new Burger King brand positioning and marketing campaign.

According to a company news release, “You Rule” has already “proven to be more than a marketing campaign since launching in the U.S.,” and similarly, as the campaign has launched in Canada, it will reach every point from traditional advertising to the in-restaurant experience.

“Since lighting our very first flame grill, we’ve stayed true to one singular promise: at BK, you can have it your way. We’ll never stop serving up the Whopper our guest love, just the way they want it-and this new positioning is more than just an invitation to customize your food. It’s an encouragement to live your life, whatever and however that may be,” says Matt Wright, general manager, Burger King Canada. “‘You Rule’ celebrates the little things we can control in life, and empowers our guests to rule their day when visiting our restaurants.”

Developed in partnership with Burger King U.S. creative agency OKRP, “You Rule” is an extension of the brand’s long-time “Have it Your Way” slogan and comes to life through a new jingle that modernizes the “Have it Your Way” jingle from the 1970s.

The Burger King “You Rule” campaign rolled out nationally beginning March 13. In addition to in-restaurant signage and social media content, the brand is bringing the viral ad spot focused on the brand’s signature menu item, The Whopper, to Canadians nationwide.

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